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KHOU for MSFS - Developer Update #1

In this development update, we give a quick look at progress on the scenery and some information on the removal of runways 17 and 35.
KHOU for MSFS - Developer Update #1
A preview of the ground polygon
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Hi everyone, welcome to the first of hopefully many developer updates for Texan Simulations KHOU scenery. This will serve mainly just as a way to show you what we're working on and give some insights to our process.

Currently, I would say the airport is about 5% to 10% complete.

The base ground polygon is done, which is good as its a very tedious mesh to create, and one of more the time consuming processes. As we start allocating and assigning more resources to the project, you should see the completion percentage jump much higher.

One of the features of this scenery is the removal of the defunct Runway 17 and Runway 35 completely from the airfield. You can see some of our progress on the removal in the image above.

Since one of the largest complaints with the default KHOU is the inclusion of the closed runway, this should fix some of those issues.

You'll also be happy to know that we aren't just guessing what the taxiways and airfield will look like once they remove it. We actually are using the exact plans for removal from the real airport to remove it in the sim.

In the future, these developer updates will be longer with more content and screenshots but for this one I just wanted to set a starting point and give a sneak peak of what's to come.
Written by
Jackson Casey
Owner and Lead Developer for Texan Simulations. Computer Science student at Texas Tech University.
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