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KHOU for MSFS - 2022 Wrap Up

A look back at 2022 and what to expect from 2023 for Houston Hobby for MSFS
KHOU for MSFS - 2022 Wrap Up
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Hi everyone! Now that 2022 is coming to a close, I want to give a brief overview of the progress we've made on the scenery and what the timeline looks like for 2023.

The Past

The project officially started in June of 2022 as an exploration into a freeware project. KHOU has been my home airport for many years, and I wanted to fix many of the issues that the AI-generated version of the Airport had.

This is what the terminal model initially looked like for the freeware project.

However, upon starting the project, I quickly realized its potential and decided to make it my first payware venture. With the help of some new partners, we've been working ever since to create a quality recreation of Houston Hobby.

The Present

Currently, KHOU is in a good place. We took a gap between August and November from showing off progress as most of it was tedious or hard to notice. However, in that time, we completed the taxiway signs, ground polygon, ground markings, and a good chunk of the buildings are completed or in progress.

Details on the Ground Polygon
Taxi signs and apron lighting

Currently, we are working on placing some props and bringing the southern apron to life.

Finishing touches like fences and other props are being added.

The Future

For the future, here's a look ahead at my timeline. This is a rough timeline, and there is a good chance of deviation, but in an ideal world, this is what the next couple of months will look like:

Early to Mid January Batch 2 of Buildings Completed and Placed 	Finish Work on Orthros 	Place Props for Building Batch Mid to Late February Batch 3 of Buildings Completed and Placed 	Place Props for Building Batch  	Finish Texturing Terminal Mid March All Buildings Completed and Placed 	Finishing Touches 	Final Testing 	Release Prep March or April Scenery Released for Sale to Public 	Media Announcements 	Price Determination 	Marketplace Distribution
Estimated Timeline

As always, feel free to hop onto the discord if you have any questions or need to contact me directly. I'm excited about this project, and hopefully, I'll have much more to share with you in a future update!

Written by
Jackson Casey
Owner and Lead Developer for Texan Simulations. Computer Science student at Texas Tech University.
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