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KHOU for MSFS - Developer Update #3

See the newest progress on our KHOU for MSFS scenery! Including a look at the terminal 3D model.
KHOU for MSFS - Developer Update #3
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Howdy, everyone! Welcome to developer update #3. I have lots of exciting things to share with y'all, so let us get right into it.

Progress Overview

We're progressing well and on track to meet our release date goal. Since the last developer update, we've finished the primary model for the terminal, did some ground polygon work, and added taxiway signs.

Terminal Model

The exterior model for the main terminal has been finished!

It also includes the parking garages, and you can see the VOR dish on top of the red garage. The 3D team has been hard at work, and hopefully, I'll be able to show it textured or some of the interior in the following developer update.

Ground Polygon

Now that the terminal is complete. We've done some more ground polygon work, mainly on the painted lines at the gates.

Taxiways and AI Traffic

Additionally, we've also finished the main taxiway graph. This means the airport is correctly configured for ATC to give accurate taxiway instructions and for AI planes to taxi correctly. Additionally, we've tried to optimize it so ground vehicles, like those with GSX (more on that in a second), reach the gates quickly.

GSX Pro Integration

We plan on having KHOU completely compatible with GSX Pro at launch. This means we will include a custom GSX profile for the airport. If necessary, we will be including a BGL for those who purchase via a DRM-protected marketplace (like the MSFS marketplace).

That's all for this update. The next update will probably be a bit further out since we have some pretty time-consuming tasks at the moment, but once those are done, I'll share some of the progress!

If you have questions, feel free to join our discord and message me!

Written by
Jackson Casey
Owner and Lead Developer for Texan Simulations. Computer Science student at Texas Tech University.
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